The Tobique First Nation is a sovereign Indigenous territory located near the St. John River in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. With a population of approximately 2,500 people, Tobique is the largest rural reserve. These Indigenous people are part of the Wolastoqei Nation, also known as the Maliseet Nation. The Tobique First Nation community is governed by an elected leader and council responsible for making decisions and implementing programs and services for members. Like other aboriginal peoples in Canada, Tobique First Nation has the right to self-government and manages various areas of community life, including education, health, housing, and economic development.

Tobique First Nation engages in a variety of economic activities including forestry, tourism, agriculture, and gambling. These businesses help indigenous peoples improve their economic status and create jobs for their members.

This jurisdiction, although a relative newcomer to the online gambling market, is fast becoming a popular destination for gambling operators. This is because, in 2021, the nation established the Tobique Gambling Commission (TGC), which regulates all forms of gambling in its territory, including both land-based and online gambling. The TGC enforces the rules and regulations governing online gambling and protects players from fraud and abuse.

TGC offers several types of licenses, including a remote gaming license, a casino or sports betting software license, and approved service provider status. The Tobique Gambling remote gaming license allows operators to conduct a wide range of online gambling activities, including casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo, and lottery games. However, it does not authorize financial betting, cryptocurrency gambling, and skill-based games. (e.g. betting on cybersports).

Overall, the TGC license is a promising option for online gambling operators who need a quick and easy licensing process with a growing list of permitted countries.

Advantages of a Tobique Gambling License

A Tobique gambling license provides several benefits for individuals and businesses in online gambling:

Zero corporate and income tax
A Tobique gambling license allows you to set up companies in jurisdictions with 0% corporate and income tax.

Wide range of gambling
Tobique’s gambling license allows online gambling operators to set up companies in jurisdictions with 0% corporate and income tax.

Low license fees
Unlike other jurisdictions where online gambling operators must pay a percentage of their gambling revenues, Tobique’s gambling license is free of any gaming license tax. Operators simply pay an annual renewal fee. This makes the Tobique license easier to administer and less costly than licenses in other jurisdictions.

Fast and efficient licensing process
The Tobique jurisdiction simplifies the online gambling licensing process. Operators can set up a new company and obtain a license in just a few weeks.

Simplified regulatory framework
The Tobique regulatory framework is more straightforward than in some other jurisdictions. This makes it easier for operators to understand the rules and requirements, which reduces the burden on them and simplifies the compliance process.

Economic and geopolitical stability
The Tobique jurisdiction, located in Canada, is politically stable and protected from geopolitical upheavals that could affect other jurisdictions.

A growing list of authorized countries
The list of countries in which Tobique licensed operators can offer their services is constantly expanding, providing access to a wider target audience and business opportunities. That said, there are only a few limited jurisdictions where it is not valid – the US and the 3 countries on the Financial Action Task Force Blacklist (North Korea, Iran and Myanmar).

Potential for innovation
As a new jurisdiction, Tobique offers opportunities for innovation and flexibility in terms of licensing rules and products offered. This may be attractive to operators looking to explore new business models and technologies.

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Process for obtaining a Gambling License in Tobique

The general process for obtaining a gaming license in this jurisdiction includes the following steps:

  • Stage 1

Establishing a business.

Register a legal entity for your gambling business by the Tobique business registration requirements.

  • Stage 2

Documentation Preparation.

Gather and prepare all necessary documentation, the list of which includes:

  • a completed gaming license application form;
  • business plan, articles of incorporation, and other company documents;
  • financial statements;
  • description of services and games offered;
  • copies of personal documents of the founders and managers of the company;
  • technical characteristics of the gambling platform.
  • Stage 3


Submit documents to the TGC, and pay the required application and licensing fees. The application fee is 9,000 Euros (approximately $9,685). The fee to obtain a license for the first year is 18,000 Euros (19370 USD).

  • Stage 4

Background checks and financial stability of the company.

This is a standard procedure to ensure the reliability of a gambling operation conducted by a regulatory authority.

  • Stage 5

Compliance Check.

The regulator will review your application to ensure that it complies with local laws and regulations. This may include inspections and audits.

  • Stage 6

Approval and issuance of a license.

If the application is successful and your operation meets all requirements, a gambling license will be issued. Approval timelines vary and may depend on the completeness of your application.

Please note that specific details of the process are subject to change based on changes in legislation. For the best up-to-date information, it is recommended that you consult directly with the lawyers at Fast Offshore Licenses.

Requirements to get a Tobique Gambling License

The basic list of requirements for gambling licensing in Tobique includes:

  • proof of experience and qualifications in the online gambling industry;
  • proof of impeccable reputation of all beneficiaries and the director of the company (no criminal record);
  • providing proof of residency of all beneficiaries and company director (e.g. utility bills);
  • demonstration of sufficient financial resources to conduct gambling business (bank statement for the last three months);
  • for software providers developing games for operators, certification from major providers such as iTechLabs, GLI, and BMM Testlabs is required;
  • there is the possibility of registering a gaming company in different jurisdictions;
  • developing and implementing responsible gaming policies and procedures;
  • availability of a functional website once the licensing process is complete.

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