Regulation of FX brokers in St. Vincent

SVG doesn’t require a license to operate an FX broker. Brokers can choose between two options: an unregulated company or obtaining authorization.

The first option is suitable for start-up companies that are not yet making a profit, as authorization mainly affects status and marketing, but is not required to start up operations.

A company with Forex Brokerage authorization in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a lot of advantages compared to similar licenses in the EU and suggests more freedom in the services offered to the client. The FX authorization in SVG allows you to trade on margin with no margin multiplier restrictions. With this authorization, the client can not only trade standard currencies like a classic Forex broker, but also allows the holder to invest in cryptocurrencies and, among other things, to offer binary options trading.

The FSA (Financial Regulatory Authority) is considered the financial regulator in SVG. They have proven themselves as a loyal structure with a good reputation and a high level of competence. Please note that brokers falling under the FSA regulation are not allowed to spend clients’ finances to cover personal expenses. The funds must be kept in bank accounts approved by the FSA.

In the case of bankruptcy, the forex company falls under the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

Even though FX activities do not fall under serious regulation, the FSA recommends working only with authorized brokers, which can affect the reputation of the company.

Why SVGs do not require a license to provide FX brokerage services

  • The SVG government has not issued licenses to brokers since 2018. The Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA) registers only financial and investment companies, which are issued certificates. However, in compliance with St. Vincentian law, and if all requirements are met, these activities are permitted and self-regulated.
  • The only factor in regulation is to warn all clients of FX brokers of the potential risks. At the moment there are no other restrictions.
  • The main advantage of SVG is unregulated jurisdiction, but our company can prepare documents for the legal management of Forex Brokerage.

Forex License Overview in SVG

Processing time 1 month
Application fee None
Minimum capital requirement Not required
Corporate income tax 0%
Resident employee Not required
Accounting audit Not required
Office requirement Not required
AML/KYC Required

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Forex Broker Registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines packages

Most Popular
Enhancing efficiency with local employees
7 250 USD
Set-up fee
  • Access to all Extended package services
  • Provision of local employee services
Boosting company reputation with AML Policy
5 650 USD
Set-up fee
  • Complete offerings from the Basic package
  • Implementation of an AML/KYC Policy
  • Assistance with setting up a corporate account
Support in securing FX broker registration and a corporate account for business operations
2 850 USD
Set-up fee
  • Personalized assistance from a dedicated consultant
  • Comprehensive support with the entire company setup process
  • Freedom to choose your company’s name
  • Official registration of your entity as a Forex Broker
  • Provision of corporate documents


Inhyuk Suh

All necessary documents

  • A current copy of the passport of each founder and shareholder, notarized
  • A document that confirms the physical address (original or certified copy of the utility bill) of each director and shareholder.
  • Criminal records for all owners, employees, and shareholders
  • CV with the profile education and signature of each project participant
  • Original bank reference letter (from a lawyer or accountant)
  • Legal and bank references from all shareholders and directors
  • Professional letter

The sequence of delivering the results

  • Stage 1

Collecting documents from the client’s side to initiate the process

  • Preliminary assessment of the project.
  • Collecting KYC and business descriptions.
  • Drafting Power of attorney
  • Stage 2
  • Up to one week

Registration of Limited Liability Company in SVG upon documents receipt on hands

  • Conducting a transaction to establish a company through a notary.
  • Entry of the provision in the commercial register.
  • Stage 3
  • 1-2 weeks

Pre-application works

  • Preparation of AML/KYC policies adapted to the type of crypto-oriented activities of the company.
  • Registration of the company activity within SVG FSA.
  • Stage 4
  • 2-3 weeks

Corporate account opening within Financial institution

  • Collection of corporate documents for opening an account (Registry card, AoA, MoA) – notarized, apostilled with sworn translation into English.
  • Conducting preliminary negotiations and leading the Client through the entire process of the corporate account opening.

Advantages of obtaining the SVG Forex License

A Forex Brokerage authorized in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has many advantages over similar licenses in the EU and offers more freedom in the services offered to the client.

Advantages of FX in SVG:

  • No residency requirements for founders.
  • No obligatory authorized capital, in addition, you can choose any convertible currency to the U.S. dollar.
  • No need to file information about the owners in a public registry.
  • No requirements for the size of the security deposit.
  • No mandatory accounting or auditing requirements.
  • Financial confidentiality.
  • If the company makes a profit outside of SVG, no taxes are paid.

The FX authorization in SVG allows you to trade on margin with no margin multiplier restrictions. With this authorization, the client can trade not only standard currencies like a classic Forex broker, but also allows the holder to invest in cryptocurrencies and, among other things, to offer binary options trading.


In 2019, SVG introduced new legislation that was influenced by the European Union. St. Vincent and the Grenadines were on the blacklist offshore from the EU and were always aware of how the economic consequences could be for a small state.

For this reason, the country’s leadership decided to change the laws and comply with the requirements of international regulators:

  • Information about the founders must be updated no later than 10 days after the change. If this rule is not complied with, the company must pay a fine of ,000.
  • Exceptional conditions are implemented for large companies with a turnover of more than million.
  • Bearer shares are canceled.
  • The agent must obtain a license and register a legal address. In case of non-compliance – a fine of ,000.
  • Financial records must be kept and all payments and transactions substantiated if necessary.

Note: As we speak, St. Vincent and the Grenadines are in a transition period and are developing amendments that already look attractive and promising. If the state implements territorial taxation, in the end, brokers get a loyal and budgetary mid-shore jurisdiction with a formal infrastructure and banking system.

The solution: to register the legal management of Forex Brokerage and not worry about changes in legislation.

IBCs no longer exist

As of 2021, IBCs are equal to ordinary BCs. It will no longer be possible to register new IBCs. In addition, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has decided to replace the new company known as LLC. Companies will fall under taxation, but do not be in a hurry and immediately close the company if you have already managed to register it. Official statements say that the introduction of a territorial tax system is in development. By doing so, businesses will be able to avoid paying taxes on profits they made outside the state.

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