In 1996, Curacao was the first territory to begin issuing gambling licenses and has continued this practice. Curacao has become perhaps the most logical choice for startups and entrepreneurs who are interested in online gambling. Its gambling license is one of the most popular in the world, and there are currently over 450 online gambling operators licensed and successfully operating in this jurisdiction. But what makes Curacao so attractive?

First of all, Curacao is considered to be one of the most accessible jurisdictions to obtain a gambling license. In addition, the process of processing license applications takes a relatively short amount of time, and the license itself allows you to engage in different types of games. Also, Curacao is a cost-effective place to locate a gambling business, which attracts even more entrepreneurs. In the end, all of these factors make Curacao an ideal choice for those who are just starting in the online gambling industry.

In 1999, the Curacao Gambling Control Board (GCB) became the body responsible for regulating gambling in the country. Today, its competencies include licensing, supervision, enforcement, promoting responsible gaming, and combating money laundering and terrorist financing (AML and CTF). The authority applies its powers to both land-based casinos and online gaming operations.

GCB has a simple but important mission – to protect the interests of players by ensuring fairness, reliability, and stability in the gambling industry. All licensed operators are required to comply with laws that create a safe gaming environment and respect the rights of players.


After deciding that Curacao is the best place to establish your new gaming company, the next step is to research the requirements associated with obtaining a gaming license in Curacao.

The registration procedure requires finding out your personal and business information, including your plans and location, as well as your source of funding. Requirements for obtaining a Curacao Gambling license include:

  1. registration of the company in Curacao;
  2. having a local representative;
  3. providing a full description of the games;
  4. establishing a Site Usage Policy;
  5. domain ownership;
  6. obligatory location of at least one physical server of the company within the jurisdiction;
  7. application of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures to each player;
  8. technical audit of each game system, including software;
  9. certification of software – RNG (Random Number Generator).

Registration is not permitted for persons under 18 years of age, as well as residents of the USA and the Netherlands Antilles, and other countries in which citizens are prohibited from participating in gambling.

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Comprehensive services under one roof

  • Setting up a company and getting a Curacao gambling license.
  • Opening of a corporate account.
  • A ready-made platform for online casinos.
  • Possibility to set up any kind of gambling business: bookmaker’s office, lottery, casino, betting on sports, etc.

Our Service

Obtain a license to provide gambling services. The company will be registered and licensed in the jurisdiction of Curacao. Our offer includes a complete setup of the company with all the necessary infrastructure and obtaining a a Curacao gambling license for the client to do business..

  • After concluding the deal with the client, the stage of preparing documents with full legal support to start the process of creating a company begins. Our experts will consult on the advantages of the jurisdiction and the process of opening a business and provide full support at all stages of company registration and account opening.
  • When your company is registered, specialists (company name) prepare all necessary documents and help the client open a corporate account for commercial activities. We offer a flexible variety of solutions for our clients, from the simplest creation of a company with the necessary license to the full creation of a ready-to-operate business for our clients.
  • In parallel with the process of establishing the company, AML policies, terms of service, privacy, and personal data management policies are prepared and tailored to the client’s business activities. This model makes it easier for the client to open a corporate account and makes it more promising and respected by its clients.
  • In addition, you will receive full legal support and advice on all matters, including gambling jurisdiction, taxation, personal data, the package of documents, insurance, etc.

Service packages for registration of Gambling License in Curacao

Most Popular
Procedural documents to enhance company reputation
€ 22 000
Set-up fee
  • All services from the Basic package
  • Subsidiary company incorporation
Assistance with obtaining Gambling license acquisition and corporate account for operating activity
€ 19 000
Set-up fee
  • All services from the Essential package
  • Corporate account
  • Procedural Documents
Assistance with company formation and obtaining a Gambling license
€ 12 000
Set-up fee
  • Dedicated consultant with the fully provided individual approach
  • Full turnkey company formation assistance
  • Company name of your choice
  • Corporate documents
  • Gambling license acquisition

Why we offer this service

The world experts of the financial industry agree that the IGaming sector is a very large and developing industry. Statistical reports, which are published every year, show a steady growth of revenues, demonstrating an upward profit level of the online sphere, regardless of external factors: economic crises or pandemics. That is why, with the increased demand for online entertainment from customers: betting on different types of sports games, lotteries, full-fledged online casinos, and other types of gaming sector become a reliable and competent investment.

In addition, the advantages of this jurisdiction are the absence of VAT and tax rates, and the presence of low corporate income tax. Curacao has established itself as a stable financial transactions industry with a progressive legislative system. Accordingly, the jurisdiction of Curacao allows you to quickly and with minimal investment start a gambling business and allow the company to grow to obtain an EU license in the future.

Our clients come to us with different projects and ask us to set up a gambling business with the lowest costs and the softest regulation.

Let’s look at the difference between getting a license in different jurisdictions using two examples:

Compared to other jurisdictions, where regulation is also relatively lenient and getting a license is quite easy, Curacao does not require a big investment from the company.

  • To get a license in Cyprus, you have to contribute 100,000 euros of share capital. Curacao does not require a share capital contribution.
  • To get the Maltese licenses you have to pay for each of the service categories: sports betting and RNG games 25,000€ each, poker will cost another 25,000€, fantasy sports 10,000€. In the end, it would cost 85,000€ just for the 4 licenses. The Curacao license, with one license, allows you to work within all the available types of Internet gaming.

The sequence of delivering the results

  • Stage 1
  • 1 week

Gathering documents from the client to start the process

  • Preliminary project assessment
  • Gathering KYC and business descriptions
  • Power of attorney
  • Stage 2
  • Up to one week

Registration of LLC in Curacao upon receipt of documents

  • Carrying out the company formation transaction through the notary
  • Entry of the company into the commercial register
  • Stage 3
  • 1-2 weeks

Licensing work

  • Preparation of procedural documents adapted to the type of company activity
  • Sublicense application to the main license holder
  • Support of the client till the license issuance
  • Stage 4
  • 2-3 weeks

Registration of the subsidiary and opening a corporate account with a financial institution

  • (Option 1). Collection of corporate documents for account opening (Register Card, AoA, MoA) – notarized, apostilled, and sworn translation into English. Conducting preliminary negotiations and accompanying the client through the whole process of corporate account opening. *probability of successful account opening 60-70%
  • (Option 2). Establishment of a subsidiary in Cyprus. Collection of corporate documents for account opening (Register Card, AoA, MoA) – notarized, apostilled, and sworn translations to English. Conducting preliminary negotiations and supporting the Client throughout the process of opening a corporate account. * this option has a higher chance of successful account opening, but a higher risk of structure.
  • Stage 5

Software platform (optional)

  • Project needs assessment and selection of a suitable platform
  • Configuring and integrating the software platform into the client’s business


  • A company with a gambling license in Curacao has a lot of advantages compared to similar licenses in the EU and offers more freedom in the services offered to the client.
  • If you are interested in obtaining a Curacao license for gambling, it is important to note that there are two types of licenses available: a basic license and a sub-license. For the first license, only the Minister of Justice can personally decide on the issuance, based on his authority. In turn, holders of basic licenses (currently, there are 4) have the right to issue an unlimited number of sub-licenses at their discretion.
  • That is, the Curacao gambling license is not issued directly from the regulator, but is a sub-license from the holder of the main gambling license, where each of the 4 holders of the main license regulates their sub-licenses differently. This model provides more flexibility for the client in their choice of license and makes the overall regulation much looser.

Other advantages

  1. One sub-license for any type of gaming activity.
  2. There are no special requirements for the registered capital, the creation of a gambling business under the jurisdiction of Curacao is much more accessible from the investment point of view.
  3. Low taxation (2% profit tax, 0% income tax).
  4. Gambling licenses have been issued for more than 20 years, Curacao can be considered one of the advanced tested jurisdictions.
  5. The process of obtaining takes up to 6 weeks.
  6. Security and legalization of business increase the confidence of clients and the company’s credibility.
  7. Minimal documentation package.
  8. Ability to create a transparent gambling environment.
  9. Ability to accept cryptocurrency payments.
  10. Requires no personal presence.
  11. Online confirmation of license.


In addition to the above requirements, regulators will also require details of your competence to conduct Online gambling operations and proof of your good standing. For this purpose, each officer, authorized person, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, or ultimate beneficial owner must provide the following documents:

  1. A certified copy of the UBO passport
  2. A certified copy of a second UBO identification card (e.g., driver’s license)
  3. Original or certified copy of utility bill
  4. Original letter of recommendation from the bank (from a lawyer or accountant)
  5. Certificate of No Criminal Record
  6. CV
  7. SOF declaration (we can provide a format)

All documents submitted must be in English and dated no more than 90 days ago. If any documents are not in English, certified English translations must be provided.

Types of gambling licenses in Curacao

There are two types of online gambling licenses in Curacao: Master License and Sublicense. Both types of licenses cover all forms of gambling, including casinos, sports betting, bingo, poker rooms, and other gambling entertainment.

Master license

A Curacao master license is a special type of license that is issued by the GCB. It gives the right to carry out gambling activities on the Internet, as well as independently issue sublicenses to other companies. Since its introduction in 1996, only four companies have been issued a master license:

  • Curacao-eGaming;
  • Curacao Gaming (CG);
  • Antillephone NV;
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing NV.

Curacao’s general licenses have a validity of five years and can be renewed by the holder.

The GCB does not currently grant new Master Licenses. However, holders of existing Master Licenses are allowed to grant sub-licenses to operators wishing to launch new betting shops or online casinos.


A sublicense is a type of Curacao license that grants the right to engage in Online gambling but does not allow for the transfer of this right to others. This type of license is considered the “standard license” of Curacao, which is obtained by all those who wish to start their own gambling business.

Through sub-licenses, operators can independently conduct their business by providing a variety of gambling services and content that comply with the laws set by the government of Curacao. Each Master License holder has its policies regarding various issues such as dispute resolution. Sub-license holders are required to follow the policies of the General License holders. That said, the policies may differ from one Master License holder to another, but all must follow the basic rules set by the GCB.

A sub-license has an unlimited validity period as long as the Master License continues to be valid.

How we work

Often the service of this jurisdiction is offered with the same basic model, where it is assumed only to create a company and obtain a license without any additional services that the client may need to work comfortably.

  • Our team takes a completely different approach. The service is highly flexible for the client, allowing them to choose the level of our involvement from the simplest licensed company to a full-scale business set up with a gaming sub-license from a gaming license holder in Curacao. This license will allow clients to operate completely legally with the least amount of investment.
  • Policy (company name) is a comprehensive individual work, the creation of the company “turnkey”, solving absolutely any legal and organizational issues at every stage of the work. We will take care of all the procedures for obtaining a curacao gaming license establishing a company, necessary payments, and corporate accounts.
  • A dedicated consultant with a fully secured individual approach will guide you on all issues related to incorporation, opening a bank account, the registration process of the inspector general of financial information, and answering all questions by phone/email/WhatsApp and other communication channels. You will be provided with assistance in setting up a turnkey company – remotely/in person (making appointments with the notary, sworn translation of documents, arranging other legal formalities), state fees, and notary fees are included.
  • In addition, our work includes the process of acquiring a gaming sub-license from the holder of the main license, preparation of apostilled corporate documents, and preparation of procedural documents such as AML/KYC policies. Based on the chosen package of services, you will have available: registration of a subsidiary company in Cyprus to act as a paying agent, as well as provision of a WhiteLabel software platform for any type of gambling activity.
  • Among other things, we will offer the Curacao license as an alternative to the EU licenses, because it provides more freedom in the variety of services offered and has a number of other advantages.

FAQ about a Curacao Gaming License

What is a Curacao gambling license?

The Curacao Gambling License is a license issued by the government of the island of Curacao that allows operators to legally offer online gambling services from the territory of Curacao. Holders of this license can offer various forms of online gambling including casinos, sports betting, poker, bingo and others.

How much does a Curacao gambling license cost?

The approximate cost of a Curacao gambling license will be about $22,000. Once you get a Curacao gaming license, you can easily open an account in a European bank and easily connect various reliable payment systems to the online casino. One license covers all varieties of games, including online casinos, slot machines, sports betting, cyber sports, and lotteries.

How do I get a gaming license in Curacao?

To obtain a gambling license in Curacao, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of license, register the company on the island, prepare the relevant documents, and appoint a local representative. Then, apply for a license, pay the required fees, and undergo a compliance review by the Curacao Gambling Control Board.

What are the disadvantages of a Curacao gambling license?

  • While the Curacao gambling license offers many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages that operators should consider:
  • it is not as well-known as the licenses of other jurisdictions such as Malta or Gibraltar, which may raise concerns among players who may consider operators with a Curacao license to be less trustworthy;
  • compared to some other jurisdictions, Curacao’s regulatory environment may be considered less stringent, meaning less protection for players;
  • difficulties in complying with licensing requirements;
  • some financial institutions may be reluctant to provide banking services to companies with a Curacao license due to the possibly high risks associated with this type of license.

Who regulates Curacao gaming companies?

The Curacao Gambling Control Board is the official regulatory body responsible for the control and licensing of online gambling activities in Curacao.

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